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Supervest is an innovator
within the Merchant
Cash Advance (MCA)

Our mission is to make available, income streams and opportunities for members within and outside the MCA community.

We create opportunities for the sales channel to generate additional income, with no additional investment. Our platform enables anyone to join the lucrative MCA field without the need to work within the community.

We believe we have started the world’s first equity “crowdfunding” service for Cash Advance. The members of our community include cash advance brokers, cash advance funding companies and individuals who have the financial wherewithal to invest in individual cash advance contracts.

Our platform was built with 100% transparency and integrity, with only
the well-being of our community members in mind.


Make more money on your deals

If you are in the merchant cash advance industry, you are all too familiar with syndication. Almost every “funder” you work with offers syndication on every deal you fund with them.

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Put your money into high yielding merchant cash advances

One of the most lucrative opportunities in the cash advance industry is the ability to syndicate in deals. Syndication is essentially crowdfunding. Many of the cash advance fundings that take place today.

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Referral Partners

Make more on your relationships

Want to get involved in the lucrative MCA industry but don’t have the funds to participate in deals (syndicate) or the deal flow (broker shop)?

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Need more syndication partners?

We has built a technology platform that matches syndicates with syndication/funding opportunities. We are all too aware of the bank restrictions lenders place on funding companies.

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Who We Are?

Supervest is a technology platform created to bridge the gap between brokers, syndicates and funding companies.

We create syndication opportunities for those who otherwise are not close enough to cash advance funding companies. Syndication is similar to crowd funding, but within the Merchant Cash Advance industry. It can be a very lucrative “investment” opportunity for funding companies and syndicates alike. Through technology and relationships built on 20 years of experience, our platform brings together brokers, syndicates and funding companies.

We create a secondary
line of revenue for
MCA brokers.
We create an avenue that allows “outsiders” to become syndicates/investors in merchant cash advance contracts.
We expand the lending base of funding companies which allows them to fund more merchants and diversify their own risk.

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