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A Platform Connecting Capital to Opportunity

Supervest is the first platform that provides accredited investors access to extremely high yield business funding opportunities in the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

MCA For Investors

Supervest is the world’s first equity crowdfunding (syndication) service for cash advance. It’s simple.

We connect world-class investors who do not have access to this asset class with funding companies that need capital to continue to fund qualified merchants.

Our platform provides access to an asset class that is currently unavailable in the open marketplace.

  • Every year businesses get over $20 billion in cash advances
  • The average length of a merchant cash advance is 3 to 12 months
  • An estimated 80% of traditional small business loans get rejected, which means the MCA industry is growing everyday
  • 12% of businesses – on average – receive alternative funding and 42% of them use the funding towards purchasing inventory
  • Potential for attractive high yielding returns

For Investors

We create an avenue that allows private investors to become investors/syndicates in multiple merchant cash advance contracts.

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For MCA Funding Companies

We expand the lending base of funding companies (by connecting accredited investors to these MCA funds), which allows the funding companies to fund more merchants and diversify their own risk.

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For Businesses

We can make introductions to leading MCA companies. Tell us your needs and we will link you with an MCA company suited to handle your cash flow requirements.

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Until this moment, the supply of cash advance funding to small businesses has been enabled only by Merchant Cash Advance funding companies and institutions. Supervest bridges the gap between investors and MCA funding companies so accredited investors can access the lucrative world of merchant cash advances for the first time.

Merchant cash advances (MCA) are one of the leading alternative investments in today’s marketplace and this low-risk, high-yield asset class is largely untapped.

Our mission is to allow accredited investors to participate along side sophisticated MCA Funding companies in the high yielding Merchant Cash Advance asset class.  Our platform enables accredited investors to join this lucrative field without the need for special access or tens of millions of dollars. If you are an investor looking for stable, high yield returns, or a funding company looking for more capital to fund more advances, you have come to the right place.

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