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The Supervest Story

Supervest was founded after we discovered a unique
investment opportunity in the world of merchant
cash advances.

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A New Alternative

After spending a combined 50+ years in the Merchant Cash
Advance space, our founders understood the power of the
asset class; however, these investment opportunities were
limited to a select few individuals – individuals who had ties to
the merchant cash advance industry or larger institutions.
Opportunities for retail investors looking to invest in MCA deals
were almost entirely inaccessible.

Enter Supervest. We leveraged our experience to create an investment platform for retail investors hungry to invest in the MCA space. By providing a secure and transparent platform for investors, all with different appetites for risk and return, we could provide access to an asset class previously inaccessible at the retail level. The platform allows funders to provide capital to small business owners who would have otherwise been turned away by their own internal capital restraints while allowing accredited investors the ability to participate in the unique, high-yielding asset class.

We bridge the gap between retail investors and MCA funding companies as well as the merchants they service in need of capital. We have reduced the barrier to entry into the merchant cash advance investing space. We allow for diversification or risk/redeployment of capital/profits to exponentially increase returns. We accomplish this via our secure platform that allows for investor liquidity unmatched in many alternative investments.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Jay Morton

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Morton is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Supervest and oversees all operational aspects of the company. Mr. Morton has worked in the lending space for over twenty (20) years and has owned and operated two (2) successful mortgage companies and an MCA company.

Kris Kehler

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Kehler is the Chief Technology Officer and the head of development. Mr. Kehler has 20+ years of experience building technology companies servicing the financial services and merchant cash advance spaces.

John Donahue

SVP - Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Donahue serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the Company. Mr. Donahue was the Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Phase Capital LP, a quantitative global macro hedge fund. Prior to founding Phase Capital in 2007, Mr. Donahue held several senior positions at Investment Banking institutions including Societe Generale and Citibank.

Jennifer Cross

VP of Client Services

Jennifer Cross is Head of Business Development for Supervest, identifying and managing institutional relationships. Prior to Supervest, she was a VP of Business Development in the alternative small business financing space.

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