SV Mid-Term Note I

12% Promissory Note

Interest rate ~2.5x higher than the 2 Year Treasury Rate *
* Data as of 10/1/2022

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Make your money
work harder

Invest $25,000 or more in promissory notes
to ensure your money is working as hard for
you as you did it.

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Supervest Promissory Note is not FDIC insured. Please note, Supervest Promissory Note carries different risk and liquidity profiles than CDs and Treasury Bonds.
* FDIC, as of 10/11/2022 -

SV Mid-Term Note I

SV Mid-Term Note I is only the start of your Supervest Investing Journey

Annualized Rate

Investors are paid an annualized 12% rate
which consists of quarterly payments
of 3% paid to the investor

Redemption Period

The investor's original principal investment
can be redeemed after 2 years


Investors have the option to roll their
investment into another note at the time
of redemption

Example Investment:

For example, an investor purchasing one $100,000 note would receive quarterly interest payments
of $3,000 totaling $12,000 per year or $24,000 over the entire note term.

Promissory Notes
on Supervest

Since October 2021, Supervest has been offering a high-yield,
mid-term note to investors to ensure a seamless way of investing
in the Commercial Asset space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered.

What are the terms?

2 year lock up, minimum $25k paying 12% per annum. Payments are made quarterly at 3% for two years. No fees, at the end of the two years, the investor can withdraw the entire principal or roll it over for an additional two years.

The note is a promissory note paid by the underlying investments of merchant cash advances made by Supervest Investments LLC. The principal and interest (if selecting the reinvestment option) is invested into a portfolio of merchant cash advances. The portfolio is managed by a team from Supervest with extensive experience in the merchant cash advance industry and successfully managing merchant cash advance portfolios for several years.

Each series of Supervest Investments LLC invests in participation interests of merchant cash advances of the Funders who have been admitted onto the Supervest platform after extensive due diligence. Each series of Supervest Investments, LLC uses a proprietary credit box to determine the type of deals the series will participate in. Each series continually adjusts the portfolio to manage risk and diversification in order to meet note holders' interest payments and principal. No more than 1% of the total principal invested in the note offering goes into any one MCA deal.