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Reasons Why Merchant Cash Advances Are Now
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Great wealth is created in great
opportunity. Merchant Cash
Advances are that opportunity.

Merchant Cash Advances are now open to investors through
the Supervest Platform. Supervest is a platform that allows
accredited investors to fund advances, sourced by merchant
cash advance funding companies.

MCA funding companies are in need of additional capital because the demand for advances outstrips their own supply of capital. Supervest has vetted and selected several funding companies interested in the syndication and participation in their deal flow. Accredited investors can now access these funders and participate in their deal originations knowing that Supervest has performed full diligence and continues to monitor the funders deal flow and business.

Supervest allows investors to diversify across many funding companies, and thousands of merchants these funding companies advance too. In fact, when an investor puts their money to work on the Supervest platform, the maximum exposure investors have to one cash advance is 5%.

Self Directed MCA

A self-directed merchant cash advance investment vehicle empowering investors to personally manage their
investment, providing flexibility, control, and potential for higher returns.

Make Money Within Days

You Will Start Getting Money
Back Within A Week.

Diversify Risk

We Syndicate Investor Capital Across
Multiple Advances to decrease risk
and exposure.

Make Money Quickly

Average advance only lasts between 3-12
months so you can make a great return
in a short period of time.

Here's Why

The lending industry has changed
greatly over the last 30 years,
particularly since 2008.

As a result of regulatory changes and changing risk profiles, it’s harder then ever for businesses to gain access to the funds they need to survive.

According to Delaware business now, on average, 70% of businesses under 5 million in revenue per year are being rejected on their loan applications.

The lead-up

Regulations have tightened around
lending practices.


Banks are less risk-tolerant than they once were.


If businesses have only been in operation for less than a year or do not qualify for traditional lending.


If the business owners credit isn’t superb, usually they won’t qualify for traditional lending.


Traditional lending takes time.


COVID-19 has shrunk available capital for many industries

For multiple reasons, small businesses are denied traditional loans from banks or the Small Business Association and even if they are approved, sometimes business owners don’t want to wait.

This has lead to a build up in the non traditional financing market. Debanked’s research estimated the MCA market at over 100 billion dollars worldwide.

If a business isn’t able to easily secure a financial partnership and doesn’t want to use multiple high interest credit cards, the next option is a merchant cash advance.

A merchant cash advance is a financial tool that allows a funding company to provide a business with money as an advance against future sales of the business.

Money goes into the business and it’s paid back as sales are made and the funding company is paid back as a part of every sale.

MCAs can help businesses expand, solve a short-term financial issue, purchase an asset, purchase inventory, launch a marketing campaign, or assist with other business-related ventures.

Merchant Cash Advances

The Basics of MCAs

This type of financing is short-term, typically anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Although, technically it is not a loan rather a business transaction in which there is an exchange of a lump-sum of cash for a percentage of future sales.

The financing is unregulated, which means business owners can use the capital however they see fit, unlike traditional loans. To learn about the mechanics of an MCA and invoice factoring, you can look at our Merchant Cash Advance page.

About Platform

At Supervest, investors are matched to
deals solely based on their personalized
risk tolerance and specific preferences
such as the underlying merchant FICO
score or loan term lengths.

Our investors now have a similar tool set most professional investors have access too.

To become an investor, you do have to be an accredited investor to sign up for Supervest’s crowdfunding opportunity. All you have to do is fill out a basic application, then complete a risk assessment, receive a background check, determine how much of your investment you want to allocate to MCA, and then receive the return in just a few days.

Additionally, Supervest offers complete transparency with your funds, and cash balances can be removed at any time. MCA investing has never been more easy, less risky, or as straightforward as it is now with Supervest’s platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered.

How is my investment used by a business owner securing a Merchant Cash Advance?

The use of a Merchant Cash Advance is decided upon by the business owner. Typically a Merchant Cash Advance is used to purchase inventory, acquire new equipment, or expand their business. In order to secure the Fnder’s investment, Merchant Cash Advances are not typically available to business owners looking to complete payroll, pay rent, or pay debts.

Supervest users have reported returns of 15% to 25%, each investor’s return may vary based on their individual preset investment deal criteria. Please keep in mind that past returns do not dictate future performance.

A Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan — rather, they are a sale of a portion of future credit, debit card, and/or cash sales from a merchant. Therefore, merchant cash advance transactions are not subject to state usury laws that limit lenders from charging high-interest rates.