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Our process combines state of the art technology with
an easy to use interface to deliver a simple and powerful
investor experience.

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Our Approach

Unlocking access to small
business financings

Supervest offers direct access to investment opportunities within the Small Business Finance asset class to retail and institutional investors.

We’ve bridged a massive gap in the market to create an investment opportunity previously unavailable on such a broad scale.

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Due Diligence

We analyze millions of deals
every year so you don’t have to.

Since inception, Supervest has funded 38,000 investments
representing $900M in Total MCAs dispersed to end

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Our Process

Discover how it all happens

From start to finish, learn all the intricate steps of the lifecycle of an investment on our platform.


Platform deal offerings undergo
a comprehensive underwriting
and review process

Supervest partners with originators after performing a detailed underwriting process. The Supervest process takes a methodical and systematic approach in order to admit an originator onto the Supervest platform. Supervest is constantly looking for partners that can enhance the quality of our platform and our investors long term goals.

Due diligence

Supervest's due diligence review

The investment team conducts an extensive review and analysis of the investment opportunity. The process typically will take several months before a potential originator will be presented to the investment committee for approval and onboarding.

If an originator is recommended by the due diligence team for approval the next step includes a presentation to the investment committee.

The experienced investment committee is presented with the potential opportunity allowing for an additional perspective of the potential opportunity. The investment committee will challenge the due diligence team’s thesis and weigh the potential risk and reward for our platform investors.

The process includes but is
not limited to:


Third-Party Assessment; OFAC / CLEAR Report; Site Visit, Financials / Balance Sheet Review

The process includes but is
not limited to:


Underwriting Guidelines; Management & Employee Structure; Review Static Pools; Collection Guidelines / Third Parties Scaled Exposure

The process includes but is
not limited to:


Ongoing Originator Diligence include: Weekly Portfolio Performance Review; Weekly Originator Review; Quarterly Contract Sampling; Semi-Annual On-Site

The process includes but is
not limited to:


Performance monitoring: proprietary AI scoring system provides originator and deal level performance analytics that enhance overall performance via reduction of Funders historical defaults


We've specifically built the offerings on the Supervest platform with the intention of being complimentary diversifying investments with traditional 60/40 portfolios. Nothing can be guaranteed, but because of our conservative approach and extensive underwriting processes, we believe the platform offerings, from a risk-adjusted-return standpoint, offer both relative and absolute return potential.

Just because we are comfortable offering a deal on the platform does not mean it is the right deal for any particular investor.

Investors certainly need to consider their own risk tolerances, current investment portfolio and time horizon when considering any investment.

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Investors: Balancing
Risk vs. Reward

An investment opportunity may make it onto the Supervest
platform, but it still is subject to the most critical of all vetting
processes; our investors’ own decisions.


Reporting made simple
to evaluate your portfolio


Supervest has created a seamless, regulatory compliant and transparent conduit for investors to access thousands of small business financing deals originated from over 20 current, participating funders on the platform.


Investors can access these deals simply through our high yielding SV Note offerings or through our self-directed model.


The Investor Dashboard provides a fully transparent and detailed repository including performance tracking, interest payments, cash balances, deal performance history, daily remittances, general ledger reporting and funding status etc.


Our offerings have various interest payment schedules (monthly, quarterly, etc.) which are deposited into their Supervest Wallet.


Behind the scenes, Supervest’s Portfolio & Risk Management Team constantly monitors the investments and identifies any performance that has changed from initial underwriting.


Get more returns
on your returns


The Supervest platform was conceived and implemented by a team of small business financing experts, technologists and investment managers who believed there was an opportunity to connect sophisticated investor capital to the historically fragmented and hard to access small business financing asset class.


The Supervest platform has no investor lock ups and charges an investor aligned servicing fee based only on daily deal remittances returned to investors; currently no fees are charged to our SV Note offerings.

Investor Control

Investor Control

Where traditional investment firms typically build black boxes around
their individual investments, we see an opportunity to deliver
a compelling and transparent investing experience.

Assistance every step of the way

Supervest provides hands-on support to all users on the platform. Our knowledgeable team of representatives
are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

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