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Are there maximum limits on Supervest investment opportunities?

At the moment, Supervest users are able to invest as much capital as they would like.

Supervest is continuously looking to provide investors with a variety of investment classes to choose from. We are currently in the process of adding more opportunities to our platform, so please make sure to check in daily for updates about new asset classes.

While this may change in the future, Supervest does not currently allow allocations to an investment before launch.

Investments are selected based on the users preset deal criteria based on their personal risk tolerances.. Investors will be automatically matched to deals based on their set criteria and deals tend to fund that same day. Investors do have an “opt out” window if for any reason they prefer to not participate in a matched deal.

The Family Office sign up process is identical to the single user sign up process. We can create individual accounts, or work with one master account to which you can allocate yourself.

The SEC describes an Accredited investor as any individual, couple, or business entity that matches any of the following requirements:

  1. Earns $200,000+ per year or, with my spousal equivalent, $300,000+ per year.
  2. Has $1,000,000+ in assets excluding primary residence
  3. Owns an entity (ie. family office) with $5,000,000+ in assets
  4. Holds a series 7, 65, or 82 license currently in good standing.

Supervest has partnered with InvestReady as our third party verification entity for investor accreditation

In order to get started on Supervest, you can apply here once your accredited status has been confirmed, we will then be able to provide your with account access to the Supervest platform.

Any balance that is not being used for an active investment is held in your account. Once an investment opportunity is found the Supervest software directs a portion of your available balance to that opportunity. Cash balances are always available to be withdrawn.

Supervest users can expect to see a wide selection of investment opportunities available to them on a daily basis. We will be alerting current and potential investors as those offerings become available.

Supervest provides access to a variety of alternative investments.

In order to use the Supervest platform, we require a minimum $25,000 deposit in order to activate your account.

Supervest users have reported returns of 15% to 25%, each investors return may vary based on their individual preset investment deal criteria. Please keep in mind that past returns do not dictate future performance.

For investment opportunities please contact

SEC guidelines that we follow are meant to protect investors and our current structure allows for only accredited investors. Over time, we are looking for ways to include Non-accredited investors in this opportunity, but at the moment, we are unfortunately not offering any services to Non accredited investors.

Assistance every step of the way

Supervest provides hands-on support to all users on the platform. Our knowledgeable team of representatives
are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

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