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A Sneak Peek at Our Two New Small Business Finance Notes

June 3, 2024

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We’re excited to announce the launch of two brand new small business finance notes this June. With our track record of success, these notes can give investors the chance to benefit from our new strategies and strong market performance.

Why should I invest with Supervest?

Our existing small business finance notes have achieved a 100% success rate in reaching their target return rates. We’ve facilitated over 45,000 individual deals, helping fund more than $1.5 billion in small business finance products.

We know what we’re doing.

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What are the new Small Business Finance Notes?

This June, we’re introducing two new notes:


●      2-year, 14% note with principal and interest paid at the end of the term

This note is ideal for investors looking for a higher potential yield over a shorter term. The principal and interest are paid at the end of the two years, which can provide significant returns without the need for interim payouts.


●      3-year, 15% note with quarterly interest payments and principal returned at the end

This note can be helpful for investors seeking regular income. It offers a higher interest rate with quarterly interest payments, which can bring in consistent cash flow.


These new notes complement our existing products while providing you with added flexibility. Because these notes offer different terms and payment structures, you can choose options that suit your specific financial goals and timelines.



How are these Small Business Finance Notes different?

We’re integrating machine learning and information theory into managing our new notes.

Machine learning and information theory help to enhance our investment strategy by analyzing large datasets, identifying profitable opportunities, and managing risks more effectively. This means we can make more informed decisions.

Studies show that using information theory in alternative investments can increase returns by up to 20%.

By leveraging AI, we can identify a small business with high growth potential that might have been overlooked by traditional methods.

AI can analyze market trends and financial health, recommending this business as a potentially promising investment.

This can not only maximize returns, but can also minimize risks. What this means for you is the best possible chance at potential returns


If you want to learn more about how information theory works, click here.

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How can I get involved?

Our new small business finance notes will launch in June, so get ready to invest. Current investors can easily reinvest in these new products through their existing accounts, or new investors can sign up on our platform to get started.

Stay updated for the release and be ready to invest in these exciting opportunities.


What can I do right now?

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