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Dry January & Supercharging Your Investments

January 9, 2023

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Dry January & Supercharging Your Investments: Our Top New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for 2023

dry January new year’s resolution
Dry January is one of the most popular New Years’ resolutions. Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In the first two weeks of January every year, search volume for ‘Dry January’ increases by 600%.

We think this is a good thing, a hopeful thing, as people are searching for ways to improve their lives, their health, and their relationships in the New Year.

To that end, we have compiled this handy blog which outlines the best advice we have read for succeeding at dry January, along with our favorite picks for how to supercharge your investments in 2023.

How to Succeed at Dry January

1. Get an accountability buddy

This seems to be the number one most effective advice for achieving a whole host of goals, and dry January is no different.

Having a friend to report back to on your progress every day makes it much less likely that you will quit. We are social animals, use the power of public shame to your advantage!

If your accountability buddy is also doing a dry January, so much the better. A healthy dose of competition will spur you on to reach the end of the month without a drink.

Agree to check in with each other every day. Agree to forfeits if one of you fails. Agree on rewards for each day of sobriety. Gamify to your heart’s content.

2. Don’t keep alcohol at home

Sticking to any New Year’s resolution depends on making success as easy for ourselves as possible, and designing temptation out of your life for a dry January will do you any favors.

It’s easier to not drink when you have nothing to drink at home. When you fancy some booze at the end of the day, you are much less likely to haul yourself out to the store to pick up your chosen tipple because it’s so much effort. Capitalize on that.

Succeeding at a dry January might also involve suggesting sober activities for you and your friends to enjoy; go bowling, visit a gallery, go to the cinema, have a walk in the countryside and bring a flask of soup. You might discover a new hobby that you never knew you enjoyed.

3. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself for your efforts during dry January is vital.

Reward yourself for your New Year’s resolution efforts
Reward yourself for your New Year’s resolution efforts. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Some of the best advice includes keeping a pot of the money you are saving by not drinking. You can then use this money to go for a special meal, get yourself a new pair of shoes, or, our favorite, invest it.

How to Supercharge Your Investments in 2023

This leads us to the second most popular New Year’s resolution: save more money.

The keys to succeeding in supercharging your investments in 2023 share a lot in common with succeeding at dry January.

1. Get an investment accountability buddy

Sharing your wealth goals with a trusted friend and checking in every month with your progress is hugely motivating.

You get to track your progress toward your portfolio goals and enjoy sharing your steady successes.

2. Automate your investing

Much like not keeping alcohol at home during dry January, automating your investments makes the process as streamlined and friction-free as possible.

Setting up monthly or weekly recurring deposits into your chosen portfolio allows you to ‘set and forget’. It’s a one-off effort that has massive recurring benefits as your capital allocation continues to grow.

If you like the sound of a hands-off, automated investment, we have a 24-month note with a target return of 12%.

We set this up for you and take care of all the maintenance so that all you do is look forward to your payout this time next year.

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3. Reward Yourself for Investing

Investing is its own reward. Smart and timely investing is one of the most powerful ways to create the life you want for yourself, but it is also a long-term strategy.

Smaller rewards along the way help to keep us motivated and committed. Your accountability buddy will help here as you share congratulations with one another, but you could also consider a monthly check box in your calendar or an outing that you really enjoy every quarter.

Don’t underestimate the power of small, simple rewards for sticking to your investment goals.

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