If You want These 3 Things, You Probably Want a 12-Month Note

March 6, 2023

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If You Want These 3 Things, You Probably Want a 12-Month Note

Choice! You think you love it until you have to make one.

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Risk, return, and liquidity – the top 3 considerations. Photo by Jack Hunter on Unsplash.

If you already know you want to invest in our 12-month 10% note, you can do that here.

Choosing where to put your hard earned money is a particularly important and therefore particularly difficult one. We are here to simplify things.

If you want these 3 things, you probably want a 12-month note.

  1. Lower risk
  2. Relatively high return
  3. Relatively liquid

Here’s why we think these three are likely the most relevant to you:

You want to build a diversified portfolio that includes short, medium, and long-term investments. This is a time-honored and evidence-backed strategy, so if this is what you are trying to do, then well done.

The 3 important things a 12-month note offers

Firstly, a 12-month note typically has a lower risk profile than other types of investments, like stocks or mutual funds. This is because the issuer of the note is typically a well-established company or government entity that has a strong credit rating, making it less likely to default on the note. This is reassuring because you want your money to grow, not disappear.

An ascending bar graph showing growth in wealth over time 12-Month Note
A 10% target return is very competitive. Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

Secondly, the rate of return. In our case, the 12-month note that we offer aims for a 10% target return. You will know for yourself that 10% ROI on a 12-month note is a relatively high rate of return compared to other similar products you might have seen, like savings accounts or certificates of deposit. What this means for you is that you can potentially earn higher returns without taking on too much additional risk.

Thirdly, a 12-month note is a relatively liquid investment, which means that you don’t have your funds tied up for a very long time. With some notes, you can sell them before their maturity date. With our note, you keep your capital invested for the entire 12-month period, and it’s because of this that we can aim for such high returns on such a short-term product.

 The 12-month time scale provides greater flexibility and access to your money compared to other types of investments, like real estate or private equity. It’s a happy medium. Once the 12 months are up you can either roll your investment into another note or you can cash in.

Overall, a 12-month note can be an attractive investment option if you are looking for a safe and reliable way to grow your wealth over time, while still earning a relatively high rate of return. Like always, it’s important that you think carefully about your investment goals and risk tolerance before choosing.

If you like the sound of this, you can get started here.

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