I’m an Accredited Investor. How Do I Start Investing With Supervest?

November 7, 2022

Start Investing

This article provides a recent real-life example of our onboarding process for a new accredited investor and how to start investing on Supervest.

Read on to see exactly how “John Doe’s” investment journey with Supervest began, as well as how it’s going.

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Meet John Doe

John was in his mid-forties and was a successful entrepreneur based on the East Coast.

He sold his business and had a significant amount of capital that he wanted to put to work.

John found out about Supervest by searching for alternative asset opportunities through the Vincent engine.

He was curious about merchant cash advances because even though he was an accredited investor, he hadn’t heard of this type of alternative asset before.

He registered his interest by providing his contact details on the website. One of our representatives called him back the same day.

What did John Doe want to know?

Initially, John’s main questions were about the merchant cash advance industry. He asked things like:

  • Why do merchants need capital?
  • Why do they go to Supervest?
  • Why can’t they go to a bank?
A laptop screen showing several line graphs most likely ready to start investing.
Intro calls can talk you through the MCA industry in detail. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

We will be covering the answers to these specific questions in next week’s blog, so make sure you are signed up to receive notifications.

Next, he wanted to understand how the Supervest self-invested platform works and how he could start investing.

Rather than simply explaining, we walked him through a demo of how to build a portfolio.

You can request a demo for yourself here.

The demo focussed on how to allocate capital across time and across industries, emphasizing the optimal ways to really diversify his exposure to the underlying deal flow.

Making his first deposit

 John Doe moved ahead pretty quickly after that point.

“I think he was just truly blown away that the asset class even existed. The fact that you could fractionally participate in the asset classes as an end user and that we built a bespoke platform to do it on. When we did the demo for him he was really blown away.”

First, we undertook our own due diligence in collecting proof of his accredited status. We use a third party to do this and there is no charge for the service.

We also collect information like tax ID and bank account details.

Once this was complete, he deposited his capital and allocated it according to the risk appetite and likely return he felt comfortable with.


The entire process from the first phone call to being a fully invested member of Supervest and receiving returns from merchant cash advances was about three weeks.

The exact timings will vary of course depending on the availability of your capital and how fast you want to move.

A laptop screen showing undulating green graphs and charts from someone prepping to start investing.
The process takes as little as three weeks. Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Final thoughts

All in all, John Doe was so impressed with the process and the results that he even brought his own mother to Supervest to start investing in MCAs.

She is now signed up and invested with us too.

If you are also ready to take the next step, you can provide us with your details here and somebody will call you back.

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