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Interest Rate Projections and Their Impact

July 16, 2023

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Interest Rate Projections and Their Impact on Your Alternative Asset Strategy

This is your weekly commentary on the most pressing economic developments that could impact your investments. We focus on alternative assets and aim to bring you clarity and insight on Interest Rate Projections and Their Impact on Your Alternative Asset Strategy.

Illustration of coin against graph of economic development Interest Rate Projections

The pound gains against the dollar. Photo by Monstera.Fluctuating Exchange Rates and Market Performances

  • The pound has been gaining strength, recently reaching a 15-month high against the dollar at $1.305.
  • Stock markets worldwide, including European stocks and US stocks, have been trending upwards.
  • The US S&P 500 stock index reached its highest level in 15 months, significantly influenced by big tech companies.

A Sharp Decrease in US Inflation

The US inflation figures show a 3% rise in prices year on year to June 2023, the slowest recorded growth rate since March 2021. This suggests a probable US Federal Reserve rate cut in early 2023.

Despite aggressive base rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, the UK’s inflation rate remains high at 8.7%.

What This Means for Your Investment Strategy

Here’s what these changes could mean for you:

  • A lower US interest rate may lessen the attractiveness of dollar-denominated investments.
  • A potential rate cut could create an influx of liquidity, positively influencing alternative assets like MCAs, private equity, and commodities.
  • Despite uncertainties in the traditional stock market, alternative investments may offer a more resilient and diverse portfolio.
Illustration of diagram graphic and calendar showing economic increase. Interest Rate Projections
Alternative asset classes continue to grow in popularity. Photo by Monstera.

Key Dates Ahead:

  • The Fed’s next interest rate decision is on 26 July.
  • The Bank of England will reveal its announcement in the following week.

In an era of economic flux, staying on top of market changes is crucial. You’ll want to consider these shifting landscapes when evaluating alternative asset investments, and we are here to talk with you about any questions you have about MCAs. Stay tuned for our next update on the shifting dynamics of the investment landscape.

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