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Invest in Small Businesses and Earn Monthly Dividends with our 10% & 12% Notes!

April 3, 2024

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Are you looking for investment opportunities that offer attractive returns and flexibility?

Look no further than our 10% 12-month Small Business Finance (SBF) note and our 12% 24-month SBF note.

These notes provide a unique way to invest in small businesses while earning regular income. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of these notes and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.

The 10% 12-month Small Business Finance Note

The 10% 12-month SBF note is designed to provide investors with consistent monthly dividends.

This note offers a fixed annual return of 10%, ensuring a steady stream of income throughout the year.

Whether you are an accredited investor, qualified purchaser, or part of a family office, this investment opportunity can help protect and grow your wealth.

With this note, you have the opportunity to support small businesses by providing them with the necessary capital to expand their operations. By investing in these businesses, you contribute to job creation and economic growth while reaping the rewards of your investment.


Benefits of the 10% 12-month SBF Note

  1. Monthly Dividends: Unlike traditional investments that pay dividends quarterly or annually, the 10% 12-month SBF note pays out monthly dividends. This regular income allows you to meet your financial obligations or reinvest in other opportunities without having to wait for long periods.


  1. Diversification: Investing in small businesses through the SBF note provides diversification within your investment portfolio. By spreading your investments across different sectors and industries, you reduce risk and increase potential returns.


  1. Capital Preservation: The Supervest platform thoroughly vets each small business before offering the SBF note as an investment opportunity. This rigorous due diligence process ensures that only financially stable and promising businesses are included, minimizing the risk of capital loss.

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    The 12% 24-month SBF Note

    If you prefer a longer investment term with higher returns, our 12% 24-month SBF note is the perfect choice.

    This note offers a target annual return of 12% and pays out directly to your bank account on a quarterly basis. With this investment option, you can enjoy the benefits of compounding interest while maintaining liquidity.

    Benefits of the 12% 24-month SBF Note


    1. Higher Returns: The 12% annual return on the 24-month SBF note provides an excellent opportunity for investors seeking higher yields. This rate of return surpasses many traditional investment options such as savings accounts or government bonds.


    1. Liquidity: While the investment term is longer than the 10% 12-month SBF note, the quarterly payouts means regular access to funds. This flexibility allows you to reinvest or allocate your earnings according to your financial goals and objectives.


    1. Direct Bank Deposits: The convenience of direct bank deposits simplifies the process of receiving dividends from your investment. No need to wait for checks in the mail or visit a bank branch – your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account.



    The Small Business Finance notes offered by Supervest provide accredited investors, qualified purchasers, family offices, and high net worth individuals with unique opportunities for wealth preservation and growth.

    Whether you choose the 10% 12-month SBF note or the 12% 24-month SBF note, you can benefit from regular income, diversification, capital preservation, higher returns, and liquidity.

    Investing in small businesses not only supports economic growth but also allows you to be part of their success stories.

    With Supervest’s rigorous due diligence process and dedication to selecting promising ventures, you can invest with confidence knowing that your capital is in good hands.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your returns and achieve your long-term financial goals. Explore our Small Business Finance notes today and take control of your investment journey.

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