Is Debt Consolidation Lending The Right Investment For You?

February 22, 2021

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You’ve probably heard of Debt Consolidation Lending as a consumer

If that is the case you might be wondering if this is a good way to put your money to work from an investment standpoint. In this article we detail the basics of Debt Consolidation Lending As An Investment. The pros and cons of hard money lending as an investment are thoroughly explained so you can make a decision for yourself.

This type of investment is built around the syndication, or crowdfunding of a loan provided to a consumer looking to consolidate debt into one combined loan. As payments are made on the loan balance with interest, Supervest users will also see a return on their investment.

Consolidation of High interest consumer debt is a great way for consumers to effectively manage and pay off their loan. By investing in this form of lending you are assisting consumers
alleviate some of the burden of debt.

Investing In Debt Consolidation Lending

By taking part in Debt Consolidation lending accredited investors are now able to access a new asset class and passive stream of income.

Up until recently, investing in Debt Consolidation lending was inaccessible to most investors. Hard money loans were previously only offered by wealthy individuals, institutional buyers, and
hedge funds. Supervest provides a hands off opportunity to participate in this form of lending.

Cons of Investing in Debt Consolidation Lending

All investments come with some form of risk, for example some consumers might default on the loan.

Pros: The Upside Of Investing In Debt Consolidation Lending.

An alternative investment such as Debt Consolidation Lending is great because you are indirectly participating in the consolidation of consumer debt. This provides a little more security to the investor (Please note that all investments are subject to some risk). Also, due to the average lifespan of debt consolidation loans being shorter than traditional loans, Supervest users can see a return on their investment much quicker, and much more likely than high interest debt.

Investment Platforms For Debt Consolidation Lending

Technology and more easily accessible information is changing the platform in which investments are being made. Platforms for alternative investing are opening up new methods of investing that were previously extremely privately held.

Not only is accessibility increasing, but the cost is decreasing. These platforms are decreasing the minimum amount of investments, which can be more practical for some investors.

Platforms like Supervest are connecting investors to hard money lending opportunities.

Unlike previous forms, this platform mitigates risk extensively. Our background checks and inspections provide a thorough look into the property we are providing the hard money loan for.

At Supervest, Matches are highly personalized according to risk tolerance and specific preferences with things such as loan term lengths. Professionals take it all into consideration to find the best fit funder and business for the investor.

To become a Supervest user, you do have to be an accredited investor to sign up for crowdfunding opportunities. All you have to do is fill out a basic application, then complete a risk
assessment, receive a background check , determine how much of your investment you want to allocate to credit card acquisitions, and then receive the return in just a few days.

Additionally, Supervest offers 24 hour transparency with your funds, and funding can be removed at any time. Credit Card Acquisition has never been more easy, less risky, or as straightforward as it is now with Supervest’s platform.

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