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June 14, 2024

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Big Opportunities for Accredited, High Net Worth, and Family Office Investors

Supervest is launching an investment opportunity that you’re not going to want to miss: We have announced a $10 million equity raise.

For over five years, we’ve been fine-tuning and seeing enormous success in the Small Business Financing (SBF) space. SBF is one of numerous alternative investment vehicles, and we are making it easier than ever for investors to generate market-beating returns from SBF investments.

PwC expects that “alternative investments will reach $21.1 trillion by 2025, representing 15% of all AuM.”

Combine increased investor appetite for alternative small business finance investments, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-powered investment tools, and we’re onto a winning combination.

The Supervest equity raise will accelerate an unprecedented period of growth, with us aiming to 10x our current funding capabilities.

 Let’s dive into what the Supervest equity raise means for investors and why now is the time to jump onboard.

Supervest Equity Raise: $1bn Growth Opportunity

Here’s an outline of the investment opportunity:

  • $100 Million – Supervest’s Valuation for raise
  • $10M – Seed Raise
  • $46.00 – Price per Share
  • $25,000 – Minimum buy-in
  • 220,000 – Number of shares issuing

Supervest’s Track Record

One of the reasons we are launching this equity raise is we have a track record investors can rely on. Here are our numbers from the last five years:

Massive Growth Potential

  • We are raising $10 million with the aim of 10x our current funding capabilities.
  • One reason for this is the enormous size of the SBF market. The small business finance space is estimated to be worth over $100 billion. Deals can range from $5,000 to over $1M, and we’ve already processed tens of millions of transactions for SBF funders and investors.
  • Because Supervest is a trusted leader in the industry, with this equity raise, the projected increase in matched volume could exceed $1 billion annually.

One of the aims of this equity raise is to facilitate accelerated deal flow and financing. However, that’s not all. Thanks to our strong market position and access to proprietary data, the Supervest equity raise can lead to completely new growth opportunities that investors need to know about.

Boundary-pushing AI/ML Technology

  • With this equity raise, we will invest in proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models to enhance deal quality.
  • We can also tap into an extensive data repository with 45,000 historically funded contracts worth $1.5 billion. Combined, this gives us a distinct advantage over competitors.

Expanding Data & Market-driven Services

  • Access to this vast amount of data, and having strong relationships with 25 funders, deal-flow partners, and investors means we can launch new service offerings including underwriting, servicing, and collections.
  • With diversified small business and merchant/eCommerce-focused revenue streams that will strengthen Supervest’s long-term financial growth and profitability.

Trusted Leadership

  • Supervest has strong partnerships with over 25 funders and origination partners. This gives us diversified deal-flow pipelines and an excellent, resilient market position.
  • We are established as a leader and trusted partner in the small business finance industry.

Market Opportunity

  • The SBF market is huge, with an estimated annual funded volume exceeding $100 billion.
  • At the same time, “alternative investments will reach $21.1 trillion by 2025”, and our other investment vehicles, SBF notes offer high growth potential, providing a gateway to renewable energy, biotechnology, and numerous innovative tech sectors.

    An example of the performance of one of our investment notes_12% as of 10/11/22, SV Mid-Term Note 1
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