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Santander Moves into Alts

May 31, 2023

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Santander’s Move and What It Means for Alts

In an exciting development in the alternative investment landscape, Santander Asset Management recently received authorization from Spain’s National Securities Market Commission to launch a new alternative asset manager. This move marks the culmination of an initiative that began in late 2019 when Santander embarked on the creation of an alternative investments business, building on the growing appetite for alternative assets and leveraging global distribution capabilities.

Exterior view of Santander bicycles
Santander ramps up its investment in alternative assets. Photo by Dan Senior on Unsplash

Alternatives: A Global Growth Area

Currently, Santander Asset Management manages 22 vehicles in alternative investments, representing over $2bn in global commitments. So far, they offer alts including trade finance, direct lending, infrastructure and renewable energy, real estate, VC climate tech, and third-party funds of funds.

Notably, the Santander Alternative Leasing fund was one of Spain’s top-performing alternative investment funds in 2022. The alternative investments team has seen significant growth over the past year, with 21 new professionals augmenting the team, bringing the total count to 42.

Santander’s move signals an increasingly broad and diverse outlook in the world of alternative asset investing. The focus is on expanding alternative assets offerings to help clients reach their investment objectives, while also taking full advantage of the synergies generated across the Santander group.

This development reflects the growing trend among investors to diversify their portfolios with alternative assets in response to higher inflation and market uncertainties. Alternative investments like MCAs (Merchant Cash Advances) can offer an effective way to reduce overall risk and optimize long-term returns.

Three plants growing in brown pots
Alternatives are looking like a serious growth area for the future. Photo by Christine on Unsplash

Alternatives Expertise

Our team at Supervest, with over fifty years of combined industry expertise in MCAs, has been closely monitoring the growing appetite for alternatives. We recognize the untapped potential of private markets and the importance of diversification in the current economic climate. Through our platform, we offer the opportunity to invest in MCAs, an alternative investment vehicle that can potentially provide higher yields than traditional assets.

MCAs represent a unique investment strategy that can complement traditional ones, aimed at investors seeking to expand their portfolios into more diverse, and potentially more rewarding, areas. As the investment landscape evolves, we are committed to educating our clients and providing them with robust, innovative, and reliable investment solutions.

Santander’s new initiative speaks to the expansion of alternative investment offerings and underscores the significant role of alternative asset investing, including MCAs, in today’s financial landscape.

As alternative asset experts, we at Supervest stand ready to help investors navigate these exciting opportunities and maximize their investment potential.

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