Supervest vs. Fundrise: A Comprehensive Investment Comparison

October 10, 2023

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In recent years, the investment landscape has been reshaped by the meteoric rise of alternative investment platforms. As traditional investment avenues like stocks and bonds have been joined by an expanding array of opportunities, investors now have the luxury to diversify and tailor their portfolios like never before.  But with this abundance of choices comes the challenge: Which platform aligns best with your financial goals? In this article, we aim to clear things up by presenting an unbiased, educational comparison between two prominent players in the realm of alternative investments: Supervest and Fundrise.

1.   Background and Origins


Emerging as a response to the dynamic needs of the modern investor, Supervest has carved its niche in the world of Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). Recognizing the potential of MCAs as a lucrative but lesser-known investment vehicle, Supervest leveraged technology and expertise to create a platform that caters primarily to accredited investors and family offices.


On the other end of the spectrum, Fundrise was born out of a vision to break down the barriers that once restricted private market investments to institutional giants. Aspiring to make premium assets like real estate, private credit, and venture capital accessible to the everyday investor, Fundrise has rapidly evolved into a large direct-to-consumer private markets manager. Their model, which combines fintech and real estate, lets investors diversify their portfolios starting with as little as $10.

2.   Investment Focus and Specialization


Primary Focus on MCAs: At the heart of Supervest’s investment approach lies its dedication to Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). Unlike more traditional investment routes, MCAs offer a unique avenue for investors seeking short-term, high-yield opportunities.

Characteristics of MCA Investments

MCA investments present a series of unique potential advantages:

Quicker Returns: Given the shorter-term nature of MCAs, investors can expect quicker return cycles compared to long-term investment models. We offer both a short-term 12-month note and a mid-term 24-month note.

High Potential Yields: With the right expertise and risk management, MCAs can yield considerably higher returns than some traditional investment avenues. Both our 10% and 12% notes delivered 100% of their target returns in Q2.

Diversification Potential: MCAs offer a way for investors to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Ideal Investor Profile for MCAs with Supervest

MCAs are particularly appealing to accredited investors, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices. These investor categories often seek novel opportunities to diversify their portfolios, manage risk, and achieve potential high yields within shorter time frames. They also have the experience and industry exposure to give them an excellent contextual appreciation of the wider investment landscape.


Diverse Offerings: Fundrise has a wide array of investment opportunities, ranging from real estate and private credit to venture capital. This diversified approach positions Fundrise as a one-stop shop for various direct-to-consumer alternative investment needs.

By providing access to multiple different alternative investment avenues, Fundrise offers:

Risk Management: Diversifying across different assets can help spread and manage potential risks.

Growth Potential: With avenues like venture capital, investors have the chance to invest in budding businesses that might be the next big thing.

Real Estate Focus: Real estate investments can be seen as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. Actual performance and risk exposure vary considerably.

Purple speaker phones over a blue background Fundrise
We have a lot to shout about at Supervest, from zero fees to maximum exposure caps.

Ideal Investor Profile for Fundrise

Fundrise’s broad spectrum of offerings caters to a range of investors, but their low minimums might be better suited to beginners who want to begin experimenting in alternative investments with a small starting sum.

4. Entry Points and Accessibility


Supervest serves the seasoned investor category. We cater to accredited investors, Financial Advisors, and family offices.

By serving accredited investors, we use our expertise to support individuals who have a deeper understanding of the nuances and risks of alternative investments like MCAs. Accredited investors, due to their financial standing and experience, can often commit larger sums and are typically seeking high-yield, specialized opportunities.

Likewise, family offices and high-net-worth individuals are more often looking for unique investment avenues to maximize returns while efficiently diversifying their portfolios. Supervest offers them an avenue to do just that with our specialized expertise in MCAs.

Family Offices specifically have a mandate to manage and grow substantial family wealth. Because of this, these entities are usually looking for bespoke investment opportunities. MCAs, with their potential for high returns in shorter durations, can be an attractive option for family offices to consider.


Fundrise’s strategy is rooted in making alts accessible to everyday people, aiming to break down the barriers that traditionally kept individual investors from accessing alternative asset investment opportunities.

They do this mainly through their low entry point. With minimums from as low as $10, Fundrise ensures that people with limited capital can experiment with alternative investments. By not restricting itself solely to accredited or high-net-worth investors, Fundrise makes alternative investments like real estate, private credit, and venture capital more accessible to the average person.

Fundrise focuses on simplifying the investment process, making it appealing to those who have less experience, knowledge, and confidence.

Payment point issuing a receipt Fundrise
MCAs begin paying remittances almost immediately.

4. Technology and Platform Features


Precision Meets User-Friendly Design

Specialized Analytics: Supervest uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms and real-time analytics specific to Merchant Cash Advances, enabling investors to understand potential returns, risks, and market trends.

Tailored Dashboards: Because of our focus on accredited investors, RFAs, and family offices, our platform offers a more customized experience. The self-directed MCA product specifically includes detailed breakdowns of investments, easy access to historical data, and projections tailored to large-scale investments.

Security: For a platform catering to high-end investors, top-tier security is paramount. Expect features such as two-factor authentication, encrypted data storage, and continuous monitoring to ensure that investor data and funds are always secure.


Tech with Broad Appeal

Integrated Platform: Fundrise has an end-to-end technology solution that handles everything from investor servicing and fund management to real estate asset management. Their approach tries to reduce operating costs and improve performance management.

Real-time Oversight & Reporting: Another feature of Fundrise’s platform is the ability to offer investors real-time insights into their investments, coupled with comprehensive reporting tools.

Low Fees with High Transparency: Because they predominantly serve more entry-level investors, Fundrise aims to cut down on investment fees. Their technology also ensures that there are no hidden charges, giving investors a clear picture of any fees involved.

User Experience: Fundrise focuses on simplicity. They try to prioritize easy navigation on their platform, and they have a dedicated mobile app. This helps newer investors navigate their offerings more easily.

In the digital age, the technological backbone of an investment platform makes a big difference. Supervest offers a specialized, high-end experience tailored for a niche audience. Fundrise offers solutions designed to cater to a broader investor base. Both leverage technology to enhance user experience, but the offerings are tailored to their distinct target demographics.

5. Risk Management and Returns


MCA-Centric Risk Management

Daily Remittances of MCAs: Merchant Cash Advances are tied to the daily operations of businesses. As businesses make daily payments from their revenues, this provides a consistent cash flow to the investor.

Rigorous Vetting: Because of the specialized nature of MCAs, Supervest employs a stringent vetting process to ensure that businesses seeking advances have a stable revenue stream. This ensures that the risk of default is minimized.

Diversification: Even within the realm of MCAs, diversification is key. Supervest provides opportunities for investors to spread their capital across different businesses, industries, and regions. This diversification within the alternative asset class itself further distributes risk.

Supervest’s Maximum Exposure Cap: By capping individual investment exposure at 5%, Supervest ensures that an investor’s funds are spread across multiple MCAs. This strategic cap promotes diversification, reducing the impact of any single underperforming MCA on the overall portfolio and thereby enhancing risk management for investors.

Transparent Analytics: With a focus on informed decision-making, Supervest’s platform offers detailed analytics that allows investors to monitor the health of their investments and foresee potential risks.

Digital rendering of green standard deviation bars Fundrise
All investment decisions need careful consideration and no returns are guaranteed.


Diverse Portfolio and Historical Returns

Broad Investment Offerings: With investments spread across real estate, private credit, and venture capital, Fundrise provides a diversified portfolio, which traditionally helps buffer against market downturns in any single sector.

Historical Performance: Fundrise has showcased varied returns across different years. For instance, in 2022, they reported impressive returns, outperforming many traditional investment benchmarks. However, in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023 their offering has underperformed the S&P 500. Like any investment, past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Real Estate Emphasis: Real estate, being a tangible asset, can act as a stabilizer in volatile financial times. Fundrise’s predominant focus on real estate can be seen as a strategic move to provide both growth and stability to its investors. However, their actual performance has been variable.

When evaluating risk and returns, it’s generally the case that higher potential returns often come with increased risk. Supervest’s specialization in MCAs offers a unique risk-return profile, driven by the day-to-day operations of businesses.

In contrast, Fundrise offers a more real-estate-focused offering in and amongst other alternative asset classes. It is always recommended to research the actual achieved returns of any platform you are considering. Investors should think carefully about their risk tolerance and investment objectives when making decisions about where to invest.

6. Client Demographics and Reach


Supervest serves a niche market segment. Our expertise and offering are tailored to accredited investors, RFAs, and family offices.

These investors typically have a sophisticated understanding of financial markets and are looking for unique alternative investment opportunities like MCAs.

Supervest’s structure and offerings are customized to meet the unique needs and expectations of this expert group, focusing on transparency, risk management, and high-quality investment opportunities.


Fundrise serves an expansive user base. The platform’s strategy revolves around inclusivity rather than specialism, allowing people to start investing with as little as $10.

They offer a range of investment options including real estate, private credit, and venture capital to try and attract a wider range of investors. The low minimums tend to suit novices taking their first steps in alternative investments.

7. Fees, Costs, and Other Considerations

Supervest’s Fee Structure and Benefits

Supervest’s fee structure is tailored to appeal to its clientele of accredited investors, RFAs, and family offices. We charge no fees on our 12-month note or our 24-month note.

Maximum Exposure Cap: One unique advantage for Supervest investors is the maximum exposure cap of 5%. This enhances diversification, limiting potential losses from any single investment and improving risk management.

Minimum Investment: The minimum investment amount on the Supervest platform is $25,000. We have been trusted with over $900m of our clients hard earned capital, and have invested in more than 38,000 MCA deals.

Liquidity: MCAs are considered higher liquidity than many traditional investment types and real estate. We offer both a short-term 12-month note and a mid-term 24-month note.

Payouts: Our short-term 12-month note pays out monthly remittances, and our mid-term 24-month note pays out quarterly.

Fundrise’s Fee Model and Features

Fundrise charges a 0.15% advisory fee, which means that over a 12-month period, investors will pay a $1.50 advisory fee for every $1,000 they have invested.

Their real estate funds have an annual 0.85% flat management fee, which is $8.50/year for every $1,000 invested.

The Fundrise Innovation Fund has an annual 1.85% flat management fee, the equivalent of $18.50/year for every $1,000 invested.

If you want to actively shape your portfolio with Fundrise, you pay $10/month for Fundrise Pro.

Quarterly Liquidity: Fundrise offers investors the opportunity for quarterly liquidity, giving them the ability to access their funds at periodic intervals.

8. Concluding Thoughts

Both Supervest and Fundrise have carved important but different niches.

Supervest, with its expertise and focus on Merchant Cash Advances, appeals to a more specialized demographic. On the other hand, Fundrise’s broader approach, encompassing real estate, private credit, and venture capital, offers a diverse range of opportunities perhaps better suited to novice investors.

The fundamental differences don’t stop at investment types; they extend to entry points, technological innovations, and risk management strategies. Supervest’s maximum exposure cap of 5% stands out as a notable feature for diversified risk management, and Fundrise’s low-entry point and expansive user base reflect its mission to democratize investment in private markets.

However, irrespective of these differences, the crux of investment wisdom remains the same: Align your investment decisions with your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. The investment world is vast, and what works for one might not be suitable for another.

Your financial future deserves careful consideration. Every investment journey is personal; ensure yours is rooted in research and aligned with your vision.

For more insights into the world of alternative investments, feel free to reach out. Your journey to informed investing starts here.

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