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Unlock the Power of Merchant Cash Advances for Your Portfolio

February 26, 2023

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Unlock the Power of Merchant Cash Advances for Your Portfolio

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Growing wealth is our obsession. Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

Do you love talking about alternative assets, low-correlation strategies, and how to grow your wealth? We do. We made a whole company around it.

We have been serving thousands of investors just like yourself through the power of merchant cash advances.

What we continue to notice though, is how many of you are fascinated and surprised to learn that merchant cash advances even exist as an alternative asset type.

The best-kept secret in alternative assets?

We recently had a very successful businessman who had just sold his company for several million dollars start investing with us. He was truly blown away that MCAs as an asset class even existed, and that he could fractionally participate in merchant cash advances as an end user.

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MCAs: the best kept secret in alternative assets. Photo by saeed karimi on Unsplash

Now, this was a smart guy. He was an experienced investor and a very successful entrepreneur in the tech space, and even he had never heard of MCAs before.

That’s why we are here, writing blogs like this to help you discover MCAs. According to this tech millionaire, they are the best kept secret in alternative assets.  Here’s how you can use that to your advantage.

Low-correlation assets are valuable

One of the key advantages of alternative assets is their low correlation with traditional asset classes.

Because they have a low correlation to the wider market, MCAs can help to reduce the volatility of your portfolio whilst at the same time potentially increasing your returns. This can be a serious double win.

What’s even better news is that MCAs can bring you particularly strong growth during economic downturns (like now). We explain why that is and how it works here.

Diversification and high returns

Merchant cash advances are a prime example of an alternative asset that offers both diversification and the potential for high returns.

You can turbocharge the diversification power of your MCAs by investing across hundreds of different industries, locations, and market types.

Briefly, MCAs are a type of financing that’s provided to small businesses in exchange for a percentage of their future sales.

As an investor, you can provide this financing and earn a return on your investment. If you want a deep dive into this process from start to finish, you can find that here.

The reason merchant cash advances are such a valuable secret weapon in investing is that they can offer a unique combination of high returns and low correlation with traditional asset classes. Because of this, MCAs can provide a level of diversification that many other investments can’t, while also potentially increasing your overall returns.

The best-kept secret……for now

Since MCAs have so many strengths to offer your investment strategy, why aren’t more people taking advantage of this opportunity?

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As many ways to diversify as there are colors in the world. Photo by shraga kopstein on Unsplash

We suspect that it’s because merchant cash advances are still a relatively new investment opportunity, compared to asset classes like stocks and bonds which everybody has heard of.

Another barrier might be that investors aren’t familiar with how they work. And that makes sense – It’s not as appealing to invest in something you don’t understand.

This can be part of the secret weapon for you however, because if you are willing to take the time to understand MCAs (we think it’s pretty straightforward once you’ve got the basics), then the potential rewards can be really significant.

If you think that sounds good, you can get started by creating an account here.

Or you can chat with a real human being who will answer any questions you have.

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