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Unlocking Opportunities: Investments for Accredited Investors

December 5, 2023

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Investing is no longer just about stocks and bonds; for the returns-focused accredited investor, the possibilities have dramatically expanded over the last decade. Alternative asset investments, particularly Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) notes, offer a unique avenue for diversification and potential returns. In this article, you will discover:

  • The basics and appeal of MCA note as an investment option.
  • The distinct advantages these notes offer to accredited investors.
  • How Supervest’s specific MCA note offerings stand out in the market.

Let’s explore how MCA notes can complement your investment portfolio.

Accredited Investors and Alternative Investments

Accredited investors are recognized for their financial acumen and, as a result, they have access to a broader range of investment opportunities. This exclusive group has the unique ability to engage in a fuller range of alternative investments, which include assets like private equity, hedge funds, and Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) notes.

These alternative asset investments offer diversification beyond traditional markets. MCA notes, in particular, provide a unique blend of potential return and diversification. Merchant Cash Advance investing represents a departure from conventional investment pathways, catering to those who want to explore new horizons in their investment journey.

Black and white photo of stock prices for ‘Unlocking Opportunities: Best Investments for Accredited Investors’
More and more accredited investors are considering alternative assets. Photo by Markus Spiske.

Overview of Merchant Cash Advance Notes

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) notes offer a distinctive investment opportunity. Essentially, they involve investing in the future sales of a business, providing immediate capital in exchange for a portion of future revenue.

At Supervest, we offer both a short-term 12-month note with a 10% target return and a mid-term 24-month note with a 12% target return. The structure of MCA notes allows accredited investors to participate in the growth of a huge range of businesses spanning geography, industry, and size for maximized diversification.

The appeal of MCA investing with Supervest lies in our straightforward approach coupled with the potential for consistent returns, set within defined time frames. Our Q3 performance report confirmed that we achieved 100% of our target returns for investors.

Advantages of MCA Notes for Accredited Investors

For accredited investors, MCA notes like those offered by Supervest present several unique advantages.

Firstly, they provide a clear investment timeline. Fixed horizons can be particularly appealing for accredited investors who do not want to tie up all of their capital in long-term, more illiquid ventures.

The defined term lengths – 12 months at a 10% target and 24 months at a 12% target – offer a concise investment horizon, helping investors to incorporate a variety of short and mid-term investments into their portfolios.

Additionally, investing in MCA notes means contributing to the growth of a huge diversity of businesses, aligning financial goals with the thriving entrepreneurial landscape. Supporting the expansion of local businesses can align with the philanthropic and value-based investments that many accredited investors prioritize.

Taken together, the features of MCA notes as an alternative asset class can allow for strategic planning and portfolio diversification.

Exterior view of busy city street at night for ‘Unlocking Opportunities: Best Investments for Accredited Investors’
Investing in MCAs means helping local businesses to thrive and expand. Photo by Yuting Gao.

Why Consider Supervest’s MCA Notes

Exploring Supervest’s MCA notes could be a strategic move for accredited investors who are looking for both simplicity and diversification.

The straightforwardness and clarity of the MCA offerings – a 12-month note with a 10% target return and a 24-month note at a 12% target return – provide simple, attractive investment options.

MCA notes can bring the unique benefits of alternative asset investing to an accredited investor’s portfolio, enhancing diversification and potentially contributing to strong returns.

Supervest’s MCA notes stand out as a noteworthy option for those looking to broaden their investment landscape with alternative assets.

For more insights, explore our blog to learn about the potential of MCAs.

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