Why MCAs Outshine Whiskey & Wine Investments

August 7, 2023

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Illustration of diagram graphic and calendar showing economic increase. Wine Investments
MCAs offer several key benefits that wine and whiskey can’t. Image by Monstera.

Why Alternative Investments? Well, in a world marked by ongoing volatility, offerings like Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), whiskey, and wine investments have caught the attention of accredited investors like you who are looking for growth and diversification. But what sets these investments apart?

This blog post will explore the advantages and disadvantages of these different investment opportunities, to help you make the best decision for your money.

MCAs, Whiskey, and Wine – A Comparative Overview

Liquidity and Accessibility:

MCAs: Easily accessible and generally liquid, MCAs can give you quick cash flow without significant barriers to entry. Think of MCAs as your ticket to jumping into alternatives without needing a Ph.D. You can invest in our 1-year and 2-year promissory notes today with no hassle, each of which has a target annual return of 10% or 12%, respectfully.

Whiskey and Wine: These can be trickier. While whiskey and wine investments undoubtedly have the ‘cool’ factor, these investments can be a lot more illiquid and can also require pretty significant knowledge to trade effectively. You don’t want to end up losing money with a load of bottles and barrels that nobody wants. Like art, wine, and whiskey goes in and out of fashion. You may have to wait years to see any return, and selling it is a whole other issue.

Risk Profile:

MCAs: With the right strategy and management, MCAs can offer a controlled risk profile. Imagine earning an annualized 10% rate with monthly payments. Sounds good, right? That’s what Supervest’s Short-Term Note aims to offer. Diversifying between industries, businesses, and locations in our self-directed model means that you control the diversification while enjoying those returns.

Whiskey and Wine: Market trends and storage conditions can create unpredictable risks. Wine and whiskey investors have to fret about market trends, and storage conditions and can end up with bottles that no one wanted. Stressful!

Returns and Growth Potential:

MCAs: You’re smart. You want to invest in something with growth potential. Since October 2021, Supervest users have funded over $4,000,000 in Mid-Term Notes, on average earning an impressive 12% per annum.

Whiskey and Wine: It’s a hit or miss. Do you want to be the investor who made a killing on that limited-edition bourbon but then lost big on another bottle that no one cared about? It’s your call. Although potentially profitable, wine and whiskey often require long-term holding and are subject to market whims.

Illustration of rocket flying falling money banknotes Wine Investments
MCAs have shown huge growth over the last 10 years. Photo by Monstera.

Maintenance and Expertise Required:

MCAs: Expertly taken care of through our platforms, requiring no hands-on maintenance from you. Picture yourself managing investments with the ease of a click. That’s us.

Whiskey and Wine: Requires specialized knowledge and proper storage, making it a more labor-intensive investment. But, if you love wine and whiskey then the work might not feel like work. Again, your call.

Market Trends and Historical Performance:

MCAs: Want consistency? MCAs have shown consistent growth, with Supervest users investing over $150M+ on the platform. Reliable and strong, just like your morning coffee.

Whiskey and Wine: Unpredictable, like that hipster bar’s cocktail menu. Sometimes it’s the talk of the town; sometimes it’s old news. What is your appetite for exposing your cash to market fads and taste trends?


In comparing MCAs with whiskey and wine, the advantages of accessibility, controlled risk, growth potential, and lower maintenance requirements become clear. While whiskey and wine can be enticing (and delicious), they come with uncertainties that might keep you up at night.

Ready to explore this new world of investing? Your next opportunity is just a click away.

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