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Yieldstreet vs. Supervest – a Short Term Rate Comparison

November 13, 2023

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In this week’s blog, we are bringing you an analysis of three short-term investment options – Yieldstreet, Supervest, and US Treasuries. We will give a comparative review of each offering, covering their distinct returns and risk profiles.

Our focus is to clarify these alternatives and give you the information you need to make the best choice for yourself or your clients.

Understanding Short-Term Investment

Short-term notes offer the potential upside of quick returns and greater liquidity, making them interesting to investors who are looking for a shorter commitment period with their capital.

However, they also often come with lower yields compared to longer-term investments and can be more sensitive to interest rate fluctuations. Overall, short-term notes present a trade-off between immediate returns and potential long-term growth.

Three potential options you might be considering for your next short-term investment include Yieldstreet, Supervest’s high-yield MCA offerings, and the classic US Treasury notes. Each offers unique characteristics and we will explore these now.

Close up of US Treasury seal on dollar bill for ‘Yieldstreet vs. Supervest vs. US Treasuries - a Short Term Rate Comparison’
How do T-Bills stack up with Yieldstreet and Supervest? Photo by Karolina Grabowska.

Yieldstreet’s Short-Term Notes: Analysis and Returns

Yieldstreet’s currently offers both a 6-month and 9-month short-term note. Both the 6-month and the 9-month note offer a return of 4.8% – potentially appealing for their relatively short commitment period. However, when compared with the current 6-month US Treasury return standing at 5.47%, Yieldstreet’s offering is less competitive.

This comparison is especially crucial for Family Offices and RIAs weighing the balance between yield and investment duration, as the slightly higher return of US Treasuries might be more aligned with conservative, but profitable short-term investment strategies.

US Treasuries: Analysis and Returns

US Treasuries are usually seen as reliable and stable, often serving as a benchmark for safe investing. They currently outperform Yieldstreet’s short-term notes, offering a return of 5.47% for the 6-month term in comparison with Yiedlstreet’s 4.8% return over the same period.

This edge in yield, coupled with the increased security that comes with government-backed investments, might make US Treasuries a preferred choice for investors prioritizing both safety and consistent, albeit modest, returns in their short-term investments.

Paper showing bar and line graphs for ‘Yieldstreet vs. Supervest vs. US Treasuries - a Short Term Rate Comparison’
Current T-bill rates are high, but not as high as Supervest target returns. Photo by Lukas.

Supervest’s 12-Month Note: Analysis and Returns

Supervest’s 12-month note stands out in the current short-term investment landscape, offering a 10% target return, significantly higher than both Yieldstreet’s options as well as the US Treasury bills. This elevated return rate highlights the superior earning potential of Supervest’s offering.

Despite a slightly longer term, the substantial increase in potential yield positions Supervest’s 12-month note as an attractive alternative, particularly for investors seeking higher returns without extensively prolonging their investment period.

Data supports the strong potential for Supervest’s short-term notes – figures from Q3 show that 100% of Supervest’s target returns were achieved.


In summary, while US Treasuries do offer stability and slightly higher returns compared to Yieldstreet’s short-term notes, Supervest’s 12-month note outshines them both as a potential option for higher returns.

For Family Offices and RIAs seeking a balance between risk and profitability, Supervest’s offerings warrant consideration. We encourage you to explore Supervest’s portfolio and think about how it might align with your strategic investment goals.

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