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Credit Card Acquisition
As An Investment

Discover the opportunity that Credit Card Acquisition Can Provide Investors

Discover the opportunity that Credit Card Acquisition Can Provide Investors

Make Money Within Days

Credit Card Acquisitions Allow Investors To Take Part In The Payment Method Of Established Businesses.

Diversify Risk

Our Acquisitions Diversify Across A Variety Of Industries.

Grow With Local Businesses

By Investing In Credit Card Acquisitions You Make A Return That Scales With The Businesses In The Portfolio

Great wealth is created in great opportunity. Credit Card Acquisitions are that opportunity.

Credit Card Acquisitions are now open to investors through the Supervest Platform.

Supervest is a platform that allows accredited investors to take part in acquiring a portfolio of small to medium size businesses payment processing.

Modern businesses need a way to accept a variety of payments from their customers. Merchant service providers offer a variety of payment processing options in return for a percentage of processing fees. Over time, merchant service providers develop a book of business providing passive recurring revenue. For the first time, Supervest is helping accredited investors invest in this form of recurring revenue via acquisition of that book of business.

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Why are you just hearing about this alternative investment opportunity now?

Why do funding companies want more capital from accredited investors?

Here’s why

Our continuous effort is to provide unique investment opportunities to Supervest users.

As new businesses are created a majority will require some form of payment processing to better accommodate customers.

According to a recent study; 80%  of consumers prefer using credit cards.

The Credit Card Acquisition Investment Opportunity

  1. Credit card payment is currently the preferred payment method of consumers.
  2. We expect to see an increase in contactless payment
  3. A study conducted by WePay revealed that 58 percent of small businesses accept credit cards as a payment method, they also expect to see that percentage increase as contactless payment methods become more popular.

As small businesses continue to re-open, many are looking to provide an accommodating experience to their customers. Payment processors  will continue to be a must have for any business.

Merchant Services vendors assist in providing options that best fit the needs of these businesses. Some options include a variety of value added services for the merchant such as  Traditional processing with lower fees (Merchant services providers can provide competitive processing rates to better assist business owners), & New payment terminals offering a wide variety of payment methods to customers.

As the business continues to operate and grow, Those merchant service providers receive a portion of payments processed via terminals provided.

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