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We solve a common problem that MCA funding
companies run into… cash flow.

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If you work for an own an MCA funding company and want more access to capital, so you can fund more advances, Supervest is the first ubiquitous platform connecting accredited investors to MCA funding companies.

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  3. Company History
  4. Information on Vintage Static Pools
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We connect your funding company to a number of quality accredited investors so you can continue to fuel the explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing.

With Supervest, there is no hindrance to growth or expansion due to a lack of capital. When you partner with Supervest, you gain access to our large network that will get your company more funding, more partners, and more clients.

We work with funders that service a profitable portfolio to make sure that we do not expose our investors to needless risk. When a company signs up to be a funder on the Supervest platform, we perform a deep dive into their history to make sure our platform is only available to funders that have demonstrated adequate performance in the past.

When the demand for merchant cash advances becomes greater than the supply of capital that funders have access to, Supervest corrects the cash flow by connecting funders to a vast network of accredited investors.

MCA Funding Company Onboarding Process

The application process is straightforward. We’ll need some ownership documents regarding the funding company, as well as contact information and vintage static pools. If you need more capital to grow your funding company, apply today.

If you are an investor looking for new investment opportunities in the merchant cash advance industry, please visit our accredited investor sign up page.

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