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The Best Alternative Asset Platforms 2022

October 19, 2022

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The Best Alternative Asset Platforms for RIA’s and Accredited Investors

Choosing the right alternative asset platform can be time-consuming:

  • Platform fees are often hidden or difficult to find
  • It’s not always clear how much control you will have over your investments
  • Minimum investment amounts differ
  • Dividend and earnings schedules vary

This article will outline the top alternative asset platforms for RIAs and accredited investors making clear comparisons between them all.

Our aim at Supervest is to save you time and make you money, so let’s get on with it.

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Yieldstreet provides an assortment of alternative investment assets, including commercial real estate, debt securities and art.

The majority of the platform’s funds are restricted to qualified investors and minimums typically begin at $10,000.

Annual management costs range between 0% and 2.5%. Most investments return based on a predefined schedule, usually monthly or quarterly.


A skyline of tall glass office buildings
Real estate is a popular alternative asset. Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

Crowdstreet focuses on real estate investment, particularly debt-based assets.

Annual management fees range from 0.5% to 2.5%, with a minimum balance requirement of $25,000. Investment is opened for particular windows of time which are published on their website.

Earnings schedules appear to be confirmed during investor sign up.

Masterworks enables prospective investors put in as little as $20 on fractionalized art and antiquities.

These shares function identically to all other types of securitized investments; you pay depending on a proportion of the piece you want, and you receive returns based on the same percentage when it sells at auction.

However, the fees can be steep. The annual management costs for retail investors are 1.5%, and also collects 20% of the profit on the sale of an artwork.

Masterworks decides how long to hold a given piece of art for, so you don’t have control over the investment in this sense.


A well-dressed man works at a laptop.
Unlike other alts, MCAs allow you to start receiving your ROI from day one. Photo by Emre Alırız on Unsplash

At Supervest, our most significant differentiator is the unique opportunity we provide through Merchant Cash Advance investing.

Unlike other forms of alternative asset investing, our model means that you can start receiving a return on your investment from day one.

Merchants begin paying back their advances (your investment) immediately, and their repayments flow back to you on the same time scale.

This puts you in the advantageous position of being able to either harvest your return as an income or begin reinvesting and growing your allocation immediately.

The compounding effect of this in the long run can be immense when compared with receiving more conventional monthly or quarterly dividends.

Our 12% note offering has no fees whatsoever. If you are interested in that, you can start investing here.

The Self-Directed model has two fees:

  1. Commission. This fee ranges from 3-14% of your principal invested in a deal and is paid upfront. The fee does not go to Supervest, but rather, it goes to the salesperson of the underlying MCA funding company that originated the advance and is determined during negotiations with the merchant.
  2. Management Fee. This fee ranges between 5-7% depending on your total cash deposit, and is charged on the receivables as they come in. For example, if a deal pays you $1000 gross per week and the management fee is 7%, then you will net $930.

In our self directed MCA model, you have control over which merchants you extend advances to. The level of minute detail we provide gives ultimate transparency on the deals available.

The management fee is inclusive of our Supervest platform fee (3% on average) and the Funding company’s servicing fee (up to 4%) for handling collections, underwriting, and overall servicing of the deal.

We find that investors come to us because they love the ability to dial and control their allocations for a completely bespoke portfolio.

Based on your return and risk preference, you control your exposure based on industry type, credit score, time in business, term duration and more, allowing for a targeted yet diversified portfolio that can be monitored as often as you want.

If that sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, you can get started here.

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