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Maximizing Your Investment Potential

December 18, 2023

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Opportunities for Accredited Investors

The investment landscape for accredited investors is rich with opportunities that extend far beyond the realm of traditional assets. These opportunities are not just diverse in their nature but also in the potential they hold for portfolio diversification and exposure to different kinds of markets.

Data from Blackrock showed that high-net-worth investors held up to 50% of their assets in alternative asset investments in 2020.

From private equity and hedge funds to collectibles and Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), the array of choices available to accredited investors is continually expanding.

In this blog, we’ll explore how these unique opportunities can add value to your investment strategy, providing insights into making informed decisions that align with your financial goals as an accredited investor.

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Alternative assets may play a key role in Maximizing Your Investment Potential. Photo by Getty Images.

Addressing Accredited Investors’ Core Concerns with Alternative Assets

Accredited investors often face unique challenges, including finding investments that offer substantial enough returns without disproportionate risk, as well as navigating market saturation with traditional assets.

Alternative investment opportunities, such as private equity, hedge funds, and Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), can address these concerns by introducing some diversity and the potential for higher yields into a portfolio.

Alternative assets can be instrumental in overcoming some of these common pain points.

Private equity can offer access to high-growth enterprises before they hit public markets, hedge funds can provide sophisticated strategies to manage risk, and MCAs present a way to tap into the potential of diverse business sectors with flexible return models.

Each of these alternatives can contribute to mitigating risk while aiming for strong returns, but since our expertise lies in Merchant Cash Advances, this is where we will focus.

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Could MCAs help you to maximize your investment potential? Photo by Getty Images.

The Appeal of Merchant Cash Advances in Accredited Investment Portfolios

For the accredited investor seeking to address specific investment challenges, Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) present a suite of unique qualities.

MCAs stand out for their potential to provide higher returns compared to some traditional assets, and they operate more independently of stock market fluctuations, offering a form of diversification that can be particularly appealing during times of market volatility.

Data from deBanked showed that MCA portfolios with proper underwriting and risk management practices have historically generated annual returns between 18% and 38%. By dedicating a portion of your portfolio to MCAs, you can potentially benefit from these high returns while also spreading your risk.

Unique Avenues to Investment Potential

MCAs function by advancing capital to businesses against future sales, creating an investment opportunity that is directly linked to the business’s revenue performance.

This unique approach supports business growth and also aligns with the investor’s aim for dynamic returns. Additionally, the inherent structure of MCAs can offer a level of risk mitigation, as the investment is spread across various businesses and industries, reducing the impact of sector-specific downturns. 

At Supervest, we are proud to report our Q3 earnings results – that we have returned 100% of our target ROI on both our 10% and our 12% MCA notes.

By integrating MCAs into their portfolios, accredited investors can potentially enhance their overall investment strategy, balancing traditional holdings with opportunities that offer a different risk-reward profile.

Within a judicious and well-balanced portfolio, this approach can meet the dual objectives of diversification and return optimization, making MCAs a choice worth considering for accredited investors.

For more insights, explore our blog to learn about the potential of MCAs.

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